Combating Underage Drinking 

The Combating Underage Drinking (CUD) coalition focuses on prevention, policy, and enforcement to counteract underage and high-risk drinking. Many organizations form the coalition, and work to affect policies and practices associated with underage and high-risk drinking and related consequences. 

Partners Preventing Underage Drinking in Baltimore County

We all have a part to play in combating underage and high-risk drinking.  Businesses, colleges and universities, the courts, organizations, media, County agencies, schools, parents and youth are involved in efforts to address this issue.

To become involved, please contact behavioralhealth@baltimorecountymd.gov.

CUD Mission: To reduce both underage access to alcohol and the high-risk use of alcohol by youth and young adults in the Baltimore Metropolitan area through the collaborative efforts of a diverse group of members utilizing a variety of comprehensive strategies.

Internal Goal
  • Facilitate and sustain active, diverse collaboration and communication among agencies, organizations, and individuals to address underage drinking-related issues
External Goals
  • Reduce youth access to alcohol by addressing commercial availability through alcohol retail establishments
  • Reduce youth access to alcohol by addressing social availability
  • Increased, consistent enforcement of underage drinking laws
  • Building community and judicial support of consistent enforcement
  • Increased community recognition and willingness to deal with the issue of underage drinking
  • Pursue policy change that affects alcohol misuse by underage individuals, as needed
  • Promote the education of youth, parents and the community on the dangers and consequences of high-risk drinking


The Coalition meets every other month from September through May on the third Tuesday from 9:30 to 11 a.m. Meetings are held at Towson University and are open to the public. View the agendas and minutes from the Coalition meetings.


Members of the Combating Underage Drinking Coalition include: